Camel City Draft Tournament!



  • How does a draft tournament work?

 It's simple! You register yourself as either a "Quarterback" or "Athlete". Athletes will be drafted the morning of the tournament by the Quarterback's into teams of 7 (seven).  Teams will be put into "pools" and play 2 pool play games, and then go into a single elimination playoff to determine our champion!

  • What prize do the winners of the tournament receive?

Winning the Camel City Draft Tournament will get you a custom Camel City Medal as well as a set of Triple Threat Flags! 

  • What do the Number 1 Pick and Mr. Irrelevant win?

Both will receive free entry into the tournament AND Camel City Draft Tournament T-Shirt!

  • What do you need to do to qualify to be a Quarterback?

SIGN UP! Thats it! Right now starting out we have reached out to 5 Quarterbacks about playing, and they are ALL known to be winning Quarterback's. That doesn't mean we missed someone! If you feel like taking on the task, sign up today! 

  • How do I pay to play? 

You have three options. You can either Paypal/Venmo(prefered) the entry fee, message Jakob Black (League Director) about a time to meet to pay in cash, or wait to pay the day of! We will gladly accept payment up until 9am Saturday September 8th, but if you are not paid in full, you will not be allowed to be drafted. (It's $25 guys, skip a couple 12 packs and its paid)

  • How will we be able to tell the difference in teams playing since no one will have matching jerseys?

All players are asked to bring 1 black and 1 white t shirt. the beginning of each game referees will ensure teams are in separate colors to be able to fairly separate teams.

  • Why is the cost different for Quarterback's and Athletes?

Quarterbacks have the responsibility of not only playing well, but also the stress of picking the best team they can.  They also relinquish the chance of winning free entry for being the Number 1 Pick and Mr. Irrelevant (Last pick of the draft)

  • How do I guarantee I will receive playing time?

Teams are made up of 7 players, (6 athletes 1 Quarterback) with 3 games to play to ensure just that.  Barring injury, everyone should be able to play without any issues. 

  • I want to play on a friends team, can we be linked?

Short answer is no. Unfortunately due to the time it would take to match everyone  and this being just a 1 day tournament, we cannot guarantee anyone will be paired up.  Besides, it could be more fun to line up against that buddy you are used to playing with!

Wesley Jackson
Joshua J Morehead
Patrick Midkiff
Justin Snyder
Nathan Dennis
Travis Roy Johnson
Cody Mcdonald
Steven Cayton Jr.
Randall Ingram




  1. Joe Brown

  2. Jamar Lane

  3. Aj Martin

  4. Matt Morton

  5. Tyler Lee

  6. Chris Hawks

  7. Charles Lindsay

  8. Stephen Gambill

  9. Josh Wilding

  10. CJ Tonozzi

  11. Masiah Nate

  12. Chris Knight

  13. Louis Huynh

  14. Mike Crowe

  15. Richard Penn-Raimer

  16. Isaac Tilghman

  17. Devin Burgh Bennett

  18. Earl Wallace

  19. Kyle Compton

  20. Kenny Meares

  21. Dallas Gray Steelman

  22. Melvin "Dasojah" Ingram

  23. Keith "Man" Gentry

  24. Lando Snow (Landon Bailey)

  25. Wesley Wright

  26. Donavan D. Barr

  27. Ty Elkins

  28. Bobby Taylor

  29. Jeffery Cole

  30. Jeremy Wanichko

  31. Derrick Moore

  32. Jacob Emerson

  33. Ronte Gamble

  34. Brandon M. Taylor

  35. Dylan Turner

  36. Devon Newton

  37. Christopher Puckett

  38. Timmy Smith

  39. Timothy Spaugh

  40. Rob J.T. Hunter

  41. Bryan Davis

  42. Dylan Gibson

  43. Stephen Freese

  44. Brian Solomon

  45. Kris Page 

  46. Nick Adams 

  47. Terence "TK" Lloyd

  48. Robert Miller

  49. Clay Ryans

  50. Brandon Meyer

  51. Don Knight

  52. Chris Compton

  53. Mikal Cogswell