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Check out our awesome staff! With over 50+ years of experience these guys have 1 goal of making sure your experience with Camel City Flag Football is one of the best!

League Directors

League Directors (L-R)

Jakob Black & Krista Weaver


If you've ever played Flag Football in the Winston Salem area, you should take a second to thank Bob Richardson. Bob is the GODFATHER of flag football in Winston Salem. In 2001, Bob started the first Winston Salem league. He ran the league in Winston Salem and Davie county for two years before it was turned over to the city to run.  Bob is currently the initial inductee of the Camel City Hall Of Fame. Bob is on the fence about retiring, and while he teeters on that fence he fills in to referee when he's needed. 

Brand Ambassador 

Jordan began officiating for Camel City in the fall of 2018 and we couldn't be more grateful. He brings many years of experience and a wide knowledge of every format that Camel City will offer. When we aren't on the Camel City Gridiron, Jordan's job is encourage any of you looking for a quality place to play to come and make your home here with us! Look for Jordan to be burning penalty flags and answering any of your football questions while he's on the gridiron.