Free Agency

Are you an individual looking for a team to play on? Or are you a team captain a couple players away from making that championship run? Look no further! This page is for any and all Free Agents! Fill out the short form and in about 24-48hrs we will have your info on our page for Team Captains to take a look at!

Name                          Positions Played                        Football Experience                  Contact Info

 Jeff Barrows                        WR/TE                               Backyard Football                   336-865-9450

Tyree Stafford                 Safety/Linebacker                 Played all through high school         336-934-2299

                                                                       went to JUCO 1 year now I'm trying

                                                                          to play college football again    

Max Pardon                     O-Line/Linebacker                  Seven Years Pop Warner              336-408-4067      

Jarrell Sanders             All lol but true. Where                           Plenty.                   Best way is Facebook through

                                ever you need me.                                                              league page or messenger.

Dylan Gibson                    QB, WR, DB                                     :)                                      Facebook

Kevin Shelf                 WR, Rusher, Blocker         College 1st Team CIAA WR 2009, 2010            336-695-9519