League Records

To recognize all teams and individuals who set records for seasons to come!

Offensive Records

Points Scored in a Game: 57 Points (Freshletes) 

Points Scored in a Season: 331 Points (Freshletes)

Passing Touchdowns in Game: 7 - Patrick Midkiff (Smokin' Bandits!)

Passing Touchdowns in a Season: 35 - Patrick Midkiff (Smokin' Bandits!)

Rushing Touchdowns in a Game: 4 - Jeremy Wanichko (Strattonites)

Rushing Touchdowns in a Season: 6 - Daniel Lawson (Freshletes)

                                                Tim Patrick (Triad Eagles)

Receptions in a Game: 12 - Dylan Gibson (Freshletes)

Receptions in a Season: 55 - Spencer Munn (D5 Destroyers)

Receiving Touchdowns in a Game: 6 Tied at 4 -

Richard Miller (Carolina Fire)

Dallas Steelman (Jaguars)

Brad Rooney (Smokin' Bandits!)

JT Tuttle  (Smokin' Bandits!)

Chris Murphy (Freshletes)

Jeremy Wanichko (Flight Risk)


Receiving Touchdowns in a Season: 12 Dallas Steelman (Jaguars)

Defensive Records

Least Amount of Points Allowed in a Season:

Flag Pulls in a Game:

Flag Pulls in a Season:

Sacks in a Game:

Sacks in a Season:

Least Amount of Points Allowed in a Season: 32 (Conspiracy Theory)

Flag Pulls in a Game: 10 - Josh Peterson (Smokin' Bandits!)

Flag Pulls in a Season: 44 - Tyler Lee (Jaguars)

Sacks in a Game: 4 -  Jonathan Snow (Jaguars)

Sacks in a Season: 16 - Seth Derner (Infinity)


Interceptions in a Game: 3 - Moose Lester (D5 Destroyers)

Interceptions in a Season: 9 - Patrick Tysinger (Low Voltage)