Matt Morton

If you’ve ever been to any major tournament or any big league, and you see or hear someone shouting and cheering on everyone that’s playing (especially his friends), you’ve met Matt Morton.

Matt began playing Flag in 2009 for FreakWay in the Winston Salem City 7 man League. He played for two seasons before joining/founding the Mean Machine in 2012, which he co captained for a couple of seasons. They played 5 man in the Triad Flag Football League where he gained a great amount of knowledge about how the game was played. He played a season of 8 man where he captained the Hardware Hitters in 2014, following the final Winter league of the Mean Machine. His playing career continued as he played for a brief stint in the Davie County League with the Kracken. The following year he became the manager for the Carolina Huskies, and formed his own team, Justice League. Justice League began playing in the Carolina Panthers Weekend Warrior Tournament and in the last season of 5 man TFFL offered. Matt took a little bit of time after that only putting teams in various tournaments. Once Camel City was formed, Matt teamed up with Dallas Steelman and formed the Jaguars. Matt was nominated and won the first Captain of the Year award for his punctuality and organization of his team. His team then changed names to Purple Reign in the fall where they made it to their first championship game. Following that, he Captained Justice League in the 2019 Winter League. Matt is now teamed up with Infinity.

Matt has had a major impact on Flag Football in the Triad area, and if it weren’t for Matt, Camel City might not exists. We Thank Matt for his contributions as a player, captain, league supporter, and most importantly, a friend!