North Carolina Hall of Fame

Here at Camel City during the COVID-19 Pandemic, decided that while were forced to be home we would come up and nominate people who would/should be put into the North Carolina Flag Football Hall of Fame. The only main criteria is that a person niminated cannot currently be enshrined in an exsisting HOF (ie. USFTL HOF, Camel City HOF, etc.). Each week, Matrix nominates 5 people from the Raleigh/Wilmington area, Krista nominates 5 people from the greater Charlotte area, and Jakob nominates 5 people from the Winston-Salem/Greensboro area. After the 5 from each group are nominated, the other two directors narrow the list down to 2 players, leaving 6 players each week. With 4 weeks of nominees we will have 24 finalists. Of those 24 finalists we will have voting done by YOU to narrow that list down to the top 10!

Voting will begin on 4/30. 

       Finalists (18/24):
  • Mike Tarver (Charlotte)
  • Maurice "Phenom" Torrance (Charlotte)
  • Brent Fisher (Raleigh)
  • Brandon Shelton (Fayetteville)
  • Franklin Terry (Winston Salem)
  • Chris York (Greensboro)
  • Defonte Coleman (Raleigh)
  • Wesley Jackson (Rockingham)
  • Randall Ingram (Charlotte)
  • Mariah Gearhart (Charlotte) 
  • Fonz Willis (Winston Salem)
  • Olajdie Pullen (Greensboro)
  • Kyle Belkoski (Greensboro)
  • Sean Bennett (Winston Salem)
  • Nate Frink (Charlotte)
  • Micheaux Simmons (Charlotte)
  • Terry Whitaker (Raleigh)
  • Brittney Hodges (Raleigh)