Sam Miller

Typically first games of the day begin between 9&10am. League staff show up at least an hour early to have ample time to set up, and Sam Miller has his team out there before that to get as many reps as possible before their first game.

In 1988 Sam began playing flag football as he was in school and playing in the weekend leagues in New Jersey. He did that until 1990, when he began traveling to Atlantic City, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida to play in various leagues and tournaments until 1992 when he moved to North Carolina. From 1992 until today Sam traveled the Southern Circuit of North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida playing in various leagues and tournaments. Sam started Carolina Fire in 2007 and to this day maintains the same team name and values! One truly cool thing now is Carolina Fire has become a family team, with his brother, sons, and nephews all playing for Sam. Sam currently ranks 10th all time in career passing TDs for Camel City, 17th in Receptions, and 18th in flag pulls. When you think of an all purpose player, Sam has fit the bill.

For as long he has been playing you wouldn’t suspect that he has lost a step and we at Camel City look forward to continuing to watch Sam play and pass on his veteran knowledge to anyone who has a chance to watch him! We thank Sam for his contributions to help Camel City grow as much as it has!