Week One

QB’s to look out for after Week 1.

Let’s start with Garrett Sutphen. This man went off Saturday. QB rating was, mercy I can’t even count that high! Played 4 games with no Int’s and he’s not a running QB. So he throws every play. That’s next level ish!

Next we have Dom Willis. Dom put on a show Saturday also, now that’s he’s QB1 he can dictate how his offense operates. Makes people wonder what took him so long to branch out on his own. Dom threw for 12 TD’s and had 1 Int through 4 games.

Next up we have Keezy Key! Who knew🤷🏿‍♂️. Keezy was a grown ass man out there Saturday. He should be at the top of this list if his receivers didn’t put that baby oil on their gloves. But, after the receivers dries their hands Keezy was dropping dimes. Throwing for 8 TD’s and no Int’s Keezy was sharp the whole day.

Last we have Mike Weaver! Weaver was a dog on the field. You would not know that Weaver went 1-3 on the day if you just looked at his stats. So I’m not gonna ever put those L’s on Mike. His defense has to bear that burden. Weaver went for 9 TD’s and 1 Int on the day.




First up, with the trust of his QB Lovie Rose went off at receiver on Saturday.  A smooth customer at all times, Lovie has that rare combination of speed and ball skills not bestowed upon most.  I know some are thinking with only 2  TD's why is Lovie on the corner with the Commish! Ill tell you why.  Most of his catches were in heavy traffic throughout the day.  Lovie finished the day with 17 receptions and 2 TD's.


Next up we have a bad man who needs no intro, Mike Kee.  Mike Kee did what Mike Kee does the entire day.  I thought the man was exercising because his hands went up for catches so much. You can only hope to contain this guy, but shutting him down is highly unlikely.  He's just too crafty for most DB's.  Mike Kee finished the day with 16 receptions and 4 TD's. 


Next on the corner is Daniel Jay.  DJ was Mr. Clutch all Saturday.  With his deceptive speed DJ was able to turn screens into TD's.  This guy also showed Camel City that he can catch in traffic as well, but where DJ did most of his damage was going up top.  DJ seems to be a favored target for his new QB.  Watch out for this combo in the playoffs.  DJ finished the day with 12 catches and 4 TD's.


Last on the corner is Twin Stephenson.  Twin was playing like somebody disrespected his receiving abilities.  Run a post... TOUCHDOWN! Run a slant...THANK YOU TOUCHDOWN! Deep ball he cant run with me... TOUCHDOWNNNNN!  Twin, I'm apologizing for all the DB's in the league fam. They meant no disrespect.  How did the whole league let a quiet dude put that much work in?! Twin went for 11 receptions and 3 TD's on the day.


Defensive Standouts


Well its no surprise that Franklin Terry is at the top of the list for defense.  Franklin was doing damn near everything Saturday.  He just seems to find the ball.  Plays smart instinctive football on every down.  Franklin finished the day with 10 flag pulls, 3 Int's, and 1 return for a touchdown.


Next we have a utility player that may have found his calling as a DB.  Stanley Smith was lockdown all day Saturday.  Although Stanley only weighs 120 pounds soaking wet he held his own at the corner position.  Stanley finished the day with 7 flag pulls and 3 Int's.


Another guy that needs no intro. AJ Winters played bully ball all day Saturday.  AJ is very fast and athletic for his size, and it showed by how much he gave QB's fits.  They just could not block this man.  AJ finished the day with 3 sacks and 1 sack for a safety.  


Last on the corner with Commish is Brandon Meyer.  I know,  I know some are saying why Commsh.  Let me explain.  Brandon controlled the line of scrimmage the entire day.  He forced the opposing offense into numerous bad possessions.  Pure determination willed Brandon to 2 sacks and 1 sack for a safety.

I don’t review everybody. Step ya game up!