Week 1 Picks!

Welcome to the THUNDERDOME!!

I’m back and with looking at this group of teams I’m pumped to be! Camel Jim is my name, and winning bets is my game! I’ve been picking for the last 4 seasons, and if I say so myself I’ve gotten pretty damn good at it! A side bet between myself and new member to the Camel City Staff, Devin Bennett, if I miss less than 5 games, he loses his eyebrows! Let’s go ahead and dive right into these!

Camel Jim’s overall record: 70-20

10:00 – Carolina Fire vs No Sympathy

This is a solid way to start the season. Carolina Fire from the looks of the roster has kept their core, but added a couple of pieces to hopefully bolster their offense. Camel City Hall of Famer Bob Richardson can add some excitement in bringing down the hard balls. No Sympathy is essentially the Summer League’s AADT going to a new name. Last season they were tested and more often than not proved me wrong. This season I think they’ll fall in line where I pick them! Hearing they added a few defensive pieces should hopefully make them consistently above the mark. I pick No Sympathy to start the season off.

No Sympathy 23, Carolina Fire 8

10:35 – AthElites vs Carolina Fire

The AthElites are a very well known 8 man team, with a roster of players who have played on various teams in the past in our league. I’m interested to see how a large roster like this meshes on the 5 man field. Carolina Fire coming off of a tough loss will look to come out fast, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they score their first drive. The AthElites I believe will tune in after that and step on the gas.

AthElites 26 Carolina Fire 12

11:10 – AthElites vs No Sympathy

This game has the potential to be very interesting. Offensively, No Sympathy has entrusted QB Antonio Rubel to lead the charge, and I think he is developing into the leader they need. Having receivers like Korey Cureton and Mike Weston definitely helps. However, recently I’ve spoke to a retired flag football game picker that took a look at what I’m up against, and said he would and to this day never pick against Michael Kee. The man makes plays every time he touches the ball. I don’t see either team scoring more than 25 points in this one, but I give the nod to the AthElites here.

AthElites 22, No Sympathy 16


11:45 – West Fo. Boys vs Killshot

Both of these are new teams to Camel City and I’m excited for some fresh blood! I caught a glimpse at them from the library Sunday at Jakob’s preseason jamboree.... The West Fo Boys will do well in this league with their raw athleticism, but learning the rules/schemes will be their Achilles heel. After seeing that the Killshot that was at the Jamboree Sunday isn’t the Killshot that’s on roster, I had to reconsider my pick. QB will be the biggest question for Killshot, but I think experience will win this game.

Killshot 16, West Fo Boys 7


12:20 – AthElites vs Killshot

The AthElites will be on the back half of their quadruple header, but I don’t think it will phase them too much. When you have a roster full like this, you’re able to keep guys rotated and as close to 100. Killshot will be coming off of a close victory and I think will have some rhythm going into this next game. I do look for defensive players Franklin Terry and Kelvin Thomas to cause some disruption to that though. This has the potential to be a close one. Killshot has some pieces that could be the right formula to win, but I can’t ignore the years of chemistry the AthElites have. If no mental errors occur, this one comes down to the last play. AthElites 25, Killshot 24


12:55 – West Fo. Boys vs AthElites

This is where we could see some trouble for the AthElites. This will be game 4 of the day, but I think they’ll make it interesting. West Fo. Boys showed me they can keep up during the Jamboree with some of the better teams, so how they maintain will be interesting. Again, I think the rules to the game will be the Achilles heel of West Fo. Boys, at least for this week. I also am curious how longtime Thundercats meshes with his new team. The AthElites brought him on board and can plug him in just about everywhere. Anywho, I believe the AthElites finish the day 4-0, but this one will be another that one or two plays will be the difference. AthElites 22, West Fo Boyz 13


1:30 – Spare Parts vs Killshot

Spare Parts is a team that is also new on the scene! I don’t really know anything about them yet so it is tough to speak bout how they will do. With them learning the game, I think Killshot will have the upper hand here. For them to end the day with a win will sit on a high note for them going into the rest of the season.

Killshot 24, Spare Parts 9


2:05 – World Peace vs West Fo. Boys World Peace hasn’t sent in a roster yet that I’ve seen on the website so I can’t tell you much except what I saw last Sunday when I looked up from my classical poker book. Their scrimmage last week was fairly competitive, so I expect the same in league play. Jakob said he received a message that Fonz is goingto QB for World Peace, so with that bit of info I have to go with a National Champion.

World Peace 18, West Fo Boys 10

2:40 – World Peace vs Spare Parts
In the final game of the day, again I don’t know too much about what team World Peace will field or overall what Spare Parts will look like. Given that, I do still have to make a pick. Given that Mike James is a National Champion and has a history of winning in Camel City I’m not going to pick against him!
World Peace 14, Spare Parts 7

Don’t like my picks?? PROVE ME WRONG! I give props where props are due! Camel Jim out!

*Please note Camel Jim is a fictional character created to warm the hearts and souls of Camel City Flag football*