Week 1 Picks!

After spending some time thawing out in Vegas, I’m back! For those of you who don’t know, Camel Jim is my name and sports bets are my game! I’m one of the best! I predicted Marshawn wouldn’t run it on the 1, the Bills would be wide right, and that Justin Bieber was going to be more than a one hit wonder! It looks like we have another heavy weight season, because Jakob had to bring in a whole staff of heavyweights! I spoke with Matrix briefly and asked him how sore his shoulders are going to be from carrying Jakob and all he can say is that he’s excited to get to work! Anyways, check out this weeks picks!


Camel Jim's Record All time: 101-31



Field 1: Quality Control vs Still Got It

This game will have 10 bonafide athletes on the field at all times! The question will be, who can put together the 5 man puzzle? Given the experience QC has on their roster I’ll give them the season opener.

Quality Control 23, Still Got It 13


Field 2: Infinity vs No Sympathy

This game is a Camel City Classic! No Sympathy has made a few additions, like reigning defensive MVP Jon McCain, so I’m curious to see what he brings to their table. Infinity returning to league play also comes with a new roster that has been recently battle tested in Orlando. I go with Infinity this round, but look for No Sympathy to keep it close!

Infinity 23, No Sympathy 16



Field 1: Quality Control vs Conspiracy Theory

Quality Control will be fresh off of victory from Still Got It. Conspiracy Theory coming in fresh will make this game interesting. Given former QB Patrick Midkiff relit the fire of his original team, who CT brings in to play Quarterback will be a major impact. This is a game that I think will come down to an extra point at the end of the game. Learning curve for QC! I give this one to Conspiracy Theory.

Conspiracy Theory 24, Quality Control 23


Field 2: Carolina Fire vs Still Got It

This game has a lot of history! Carolina Fire has been a team longer than some players have been alive, and some of the core for Still Got It are former Fire members. I’m not too sure about Carolina Fire’s roster, but if OG Sam Miller has anything to say, he’s going to make it interesting! I think his former players will best him, having the “students” beat the “teacher”.

Still Got It 14, Carolina Fire 8



Field 1: No Sympathy vs Still Got It

Still Got It will be playing their third game in a row, and the question will be by this point if they “Still Got It”. No Sympathy’s QB Keezy Key is known to make plays, and seeing some of the receivers he has, I wouldn’t be shocked if he swings for the fences immediately. Still Got It does have Season 2 defensive back of the year on their roster in Wayne White. I look for the matchup of these two teams to be tight, I think Still Got It finishes it out.

Still Got It 24, No Sympathy 18


Field 2: AthElites vs Infinity

The AthElites have some unfinished business after losing in the championship of the fall league and they start their season off against a tough opponent. Last time they faced off, the majority of Infinity was playing under another name and they didn’t have standout receiver Isaac Tilghman. I think this game comes down to one thing. What defense can get more than one stop? Will it be Olajdie Pullen’s rush? Or Will Charles Lindsey and company in Infinity’s secondary shut down the AthElites? My guess is the AthElites come out victorious

AthElites 15, Infinity 7



Field 1: Quality Control vs SnypaGang

This is a Raleigh Classic! Both squads have former Thundercats, but I don’t think a Thundercat will be the X Factor of this game. I think Cameron Shuford and how Quality Control uses him will determine that. If he plays well, I think they win. My gut. Dom Willis makes sure Cam Goes off!

Quality Control 20, SnypaGang 12


Field 2: Infinity vs Conspiracy Theory

For the 19384920 time, these two teams face off! New supporting casts, same cores, this game always brings the best out in both sides! I’m going to give my X Factor here to Jeff Cole, who almost always puts all of his emotion into the game. If he can get consistent pressure on Brandon Rawe, I see Conspiracy Theory coming out on top. If not, Infinity has all the weapons to make you look bad! They proved that to them in Orlando. But, like their history, this matchup can go either way. I’ll go to the coin. It’s tails, Infinity wins.

Infinity 24, Conspiracy Theory 23


Field 1: Quality Control vs County Boys
The County Boys squeaked into the playoffs last season, but that won’t be good enough this go around! The benefit for the County Boys is they will be fresh, where Quality Control is finishing their 4th game. My gut says that County Boyz will benefit most from that and could pull out a victory.
County Boys 13, Quality Control 9

Field 2: Carolina Fire vs AthElites
We watched this matchup last year, and the story of that game was there was no one out could get around blocker Jared “BULL” Washington. If Carolina Fire can put some pressure on reigning offensive MVP Garrett Suphen, they have a chance. If he has all day, look for him to pick them apart.
AthElites 24, Carolina Fire 12

Field 1: Chargers vs SnypaGang
SnypaGang will have a game to regroup from their loss, but I don’t feel like they should put too much weight into it. This is the Chargers first time in Camel City, so I’m curious to see how they do. Not many teams have walked in and won their first game of the league and I don’t look for them to join that small list.
SnypaGang 20, Chargers 8

Field 2: Still Got It vs Infinity
Still Go It is going to look to finish the day with a winning record, and I’m not sure they will get it. Both teams have a fairly long break, so this game will come down to who can spring into a rhythm first. I look for TJ Simmons to get rolling quick and be the first one to the punch!
Infinity 24, Still Got It 13

Field 1: Conspiracy Theory vs County Boys
Conspiracy Theory starts up the last half of their day, and the County Boys are starting up the first of a triple header. Laron Ellerbe can be dangerous at QB, but he needs a good support system. If his team can give him that, I wouldn’t be shocked if they pull it out! My gut says that Conspiracy Theory will rattle that rhythm though... so... gotta go with my gut!
Conspiracy Theory 19, County Boys 12

Field 2: No Sympathy vs Chargers
Now that the Chargers have their feet wet, I’m curious to see what adjustments they’ll make. Sometimes, teams make too many and cause more mistakes. No Sympathy will be loaded up with last seasons rusher of the year with JD Oglesby, so I look for him to cause some havoc. If the Chargers can keep to the grind and No Sympathy misses some opportunities, this could be interesting!
No Sympathy 19, Chargers 12

Field 1: Conspiracy Theory vs SnypaGang
This game has sparked my interest! Conspiracy Theory will be looking to end the day 3-1 and SnypaGang will be looking to get above .500. The matchup that will determine the winner I think comes down to QB Mike Weaver for SnypaGang and Conspiracy Theory’s rush. If Mike can move the ball like he likes to, it’s his game to win. If CT can keep Mike contained, well, Conspiracy Theory should have no problem. I think this is going to be my upset game and SnypaGang comes away with the victory!
SnypaGang 24, Conspiracy Theory 19

Field 2: AthElites vs County Boys
I think this game is going to come down to one thing, who has the deeper bench. While both teams have talent on both sides, you can only do so much when you are gassed. On top of that, both teams have another game after this! Gonna flip a coin for this one. It’s heads, AthElites win!
AthElites 13, County Boys 12

Field 1: SnypaGang vs AthElites
If my predictions are spot on (which they usually are) then the AthElites will be 3-0 coming into this game. This is where I think they put their first “L” up. SnypaGang from the limited play we have seen seems like the team that can quietly sneak past you and you not realize it until the smoke has cleared. Look for them to do that here.
SnypaGang 15, AthElites 7

Field 2: No Sympathy vs County Boys
We had an opportunity to see these two scrimmage last fall, and it came down to OT to determine a winner. That won’t be the case here. Look for Doche Mercer to coach his guys up in a statement victory to put the rest of the league on notice!
No Sympathy 14, County Boys 8

Don’t like my picks?? PROVE ME WRONG! I give props where props are due! Camel Jim out!

Please note Camel Jim is a fictional character created to warm the hearts and souls of Camel City Flag Football