Week 2

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In week 2 a lot of guys emerged as the bonafide leaders of their team. And some even the front runners of this league!

Keezy Key has put him team in the playoffs locking up a playoff birth at 6-2 on the season. But, Keezy has made it look easy. Keezy put the league on notice Saturday throwing for 12 TD’s and 1 Int. Keezy directed traffic and put his young boys to work. I think at least 9 or his 12 TD’s were go routes. Keezy was just too much for the defense all day. If Keezy can get a blocker to show up he will upset some folks in the playoffs. His day was impressive because he was in distress on a lot of plays and made some clutch throws!

New comer to the league Mike Shirley was dicing defenses up all day. Mike was confident and smooth. He’s one of those QBs that can make any throw and also make any run. They hit him, they slapped him, they grabbed and the man never complained. He just went to work. In a nut shell Mike Shirley was a puzzle nobody could figure out. I think his 9 TD’s and 0 Int’s were impressive, but what was more impressive is he never left the field. Did work on both sides of the ball.

I’m not inviting anymore QB’s to the corner this week. If QBs run up on me on my corner I’ll be happy to explain to them why!


Montek Johnson is a QBs dream! Big, fast and catches everything. This man is a D1, next level type receiver. He made Ellerbe look like Russel Wilson at times. Montek is a dual threat, but his receiving skills are superior. I hope the County Boys run off wins for the rest of their games just so I can see Montek work against the best defenses in the league. I don’t think much will change though. Montek had 6 receiving TD’s and 11 receptions! He went the fu$&@k off. Just in case it’s there’s some Op’s watching my corner. I only took his stats for 4 games.

Mike Weston and Darius Dawkins both got put on by their QB. They had a contract day performance. Mike Weston showed signs or greatness as he went for 5 TD’s and 6 receptions. He damn near scored every time he caught the ball! Another No Sympathy receiver Dawk was Mr. Dependable. From the center position Dawk found the open spot all day. Dawk had YAC all day Saturday leading him to 4 TD’s and 9 receptions. These boys were a true one, two punch for QB Keezy. Their confidence is on , don’t sleep on these in the playoffs.

Although I didn’t invite Matt Miller to the corner. He did have impressive stats. So much so that he earned 2 of his receivers invites to the corner. Jon Lane and BeBe McNeil did work. Not the most impressive stats, but they both had sticky fingers on the field. Bebe was Mr. Big Play. I’ve said it many times, Bebe is on another level in the flag world. A super confident receiver with the skills to back it up. He’s open every time is what he will tell you. The best high point the ball receiver in Camel City. Bebe had 2 TD’s and 9 receptions. Jon Lane was wit the shits as Dom Willis would say Saturday. He always made his self available for his QB. Did a lot of his work on broken plays. Jon finished the day with 2 TD’s and 9 receptions also.


Lastly, I invite a true work horse Andrew Tuttle. Team Captain sure, but a breakout receiving performance was unexpected. Tuttle was enjoying himself and was rewarded by his QB. Andrew’s performance was not pretty at all but it was very effective. Tuttle finished with 3 TD’s and 8 receptions!

Defensive Standouts


Montek Johnson had stellar performances on both sides of the ball. This kid has range, he made plays that completely shocked the opposing QB. There was truly a no fly zone in the County Boys secondary. Montek anchored the defense at the safety position. Montek finished the day with 6 pulls, 4 Int’s, and 1 sack. He filled up the stat sheet and made it look easy. Like I said, I hope they make the playoffs.


Brandon Crosby put the whole league on notice Saturday! “I came to far to play with y’all”, then proceeded to lock down receivers. Brandon was not afraid of the moment, he challenged every receiver that stepped in front of him. His energy alone is enough, but he actually has superb cover skills that sets him apart. Brandon finished the day with 6 pulls, 2 Int’s, and 2 defensive TD’s. He’s not here to be your friend, better be ready to play when you line up in front of this man! This man can sit on the corner with me any day.


Robert Miller never took his work boots off Saturday. He played hard every game. Robert made teams account for him and still was able to bolster 6 pulls, 4 Sacks, and 1 Safety. Robert we see you fam. It’s rough down in them trenches. Robert was tossed, kicked, clipped, and just dust that dirt off his shoulder and got ready for the next play.


Last to hit the corner is JT Tuttle. JT was all work and no play. Give me 3 JT’s and I’ll win every game. Role player yes, but the best role player you could ask for as a teammate. Some guys want to do every ok, JT just does his one job great. He finished the day with 9 Pulls, 6 Sacks, and 1 Safety.

I don't review everybody. Step ya game up!