Week 2 Picks!

Okay, okay. Now that I’ve sobered up a bit, let’s try this again! I have NEVER missed this many games out the gate! So, if I picked you wrong, congrats! If not, I’d say do better, but I need you in my corner!


Camel Jim’s season record 





Field 1: Triad Eagles vs No Sympathy

Kicking off the season is a growing rivalry that won’t disappoint! QB Keezy Key has emerged as a top QB in the league, and he will look to continue to grow that. The other story here is No Sympathy has a handful of players who have jumped Eagle ship to play with No Sympathy including reigning Defensive MVP Jon McCain. Who benefits more from his leaving? Captain Andrew Tuttle will do his best to make sure it’s them, but I see No Sympathy coming out on top.

No Sympathy 16, Triad Eagles 9


Field 2: Carolina Fire vs Smokin' Bandits

 The Smokin’ Bandits are back from a year long hiatus and there are about as many question marks around this team as there are players! Carolina Fire pulled out a solid win against Still Got It but at the cost of losing Captain Richard Miller. Chemistry will be the name of this game, and if the Bandits are who we saw back during our inaugural season I think they’ll have it. 

Smokin Bandits 15, Carolina Fire 6



Field 1: County Boys vs Chargers

The County Boys begin their SIX GAME day with the freshest face to the league. I’m unsure of who Laron is planning to bring up, but it should be a a solid group if we’ve learned anything about Richmond County. The Chargers are a unique group. Athleticism is definitely their friend, but grasping the scheme of 5 man is what ails them. If QB Trevor Calhoun can start making the easy throws they easily become a contender. He’s learning, so I go with the County Boys.

County Boys 18, Chargers 12


Field 2: Carolina Fire vs No Sympathy

 Another Camel City Classic on the books. Last season Carolina Fire came out and hit No Sympathy in the mouth and beat them! This game will be all about tempo and who can carry the momentum. If Sam Miller can get nephew Robert Miller more involved this week he could do the same as last season! My gut says Rusher JD Oglesby doesn’t let that happen though.

No Sympathy 19, Carolina Fire 8



Field 1: 704 Outlaws vs County Boys

This will be the first time I have seen the 704 Outlaws, so I don’t have too much to go off of. To top it off I haven’t seen the County Boys roster either, so I’m not too sure. One name that did stand out to me is Ath. Devin Bennett. Anywhere he plays on the field he’s a threat, the question will be how often and in what form 704 chooses to use him. I’ll give 704 this game for lack of any other knowledge.

704 Outlaws 12, County Boys 6


Field 2: Chargers vs Smokin' Bandits

 The Smokin’ Bandits will be fresh off of a win, but how they handle back to back will be interesting. The Chargers will be coming off of their first loss of the day, but I don’t think they will be a team that hangs onto games. I look for standout Captain Landon Ward to come up with a few big plays if he wants to keep the spark of the Chargers alive. On the other side, 3 time offensive MVP Patrick Midkiff will look to get back into that MVP rhythm. This could be a good game for him to do that. Also could be a trap. I see this game being closer than it should be for the former MVP.

Smokin’ Bandits 14, Chargers 12



Field 1: 704 Outlaws vs No Sympathy

Last week we saw No Sympathy come off of their game break a little flat, will that be the case this week? Again, not knowing too much about the Outlaws puts me in a spot where I’m unsure how much they would capitalize off of this. I’m gonna take a gamble here, and pick the Outlaws, because I’m sure they wouldn’t drive up here for their health!

704 Outlaws 21, No Sympathy 14


Field 2: Triad Eagles vs Carolina Fire

In a day where we have seen a few Camel City Classics, what’s one more with this matchup! Andrew Tuttle will look to get things moving with his core group and Sam and company will be looking for their first win. I think the X Factor in this game is WR/DB Uriah Razzak. If he can get 3-4 touches in the right situation I think the flame of the Fire will be able to be seen from the new Salem Parkway! On the other side, the question mark will be who is going to QB for the Eagles? Whoever it is needs to get the rock into Ath Jacob Williams hands as often as possible!

Carolina Fire 14, Triad Eagles 10



Field 1: Conspiracy Theory vs Smokin’ Bandits

This could potentially be our game of the week! Bandits QB Patrick Midkiff is a former teammate of the CT gang, and didn’t leave on the best of terms! The story of this game will be who has a stronger rush on the QB, which brings me to rushers Jeff Cole/Twin Stephenson or Rusher JT Tuttle for the Bandits? With Cole/Stephenson both already having some games under their belt this season I give the edge to them. 

Conspiracy Theory 10, Smokin Bandits 6


Field 2: County Boys vs No Sympathy

 This becomes a must win game for No Sympathy if they want to be one of the top 7 teams playing on March 7th. Captain/Coach Doche Mercer has put this team in a good position, but it comes down to how will they do? Receivers Korey Cureton and Mike Weston have made some big plays this season, but also had some missteps along the way. We’ve seen this matchup before and it ended in OT with the County Boyz throwing a walkoff BOMB to one of Laron Ellerbe’s receivers. With that this game to me comes down to a coin toss. It’s tails. 

County Boys 19, No Sympathy 18



Field 1: 704 Outlaws vs Conspiracy Theory

This has the potential to be an interesting game. With Twin Stephenson leading the charge at receiver, and not being sure if the Outlaws have someone who can keep him contained. This might be where he makes this a highlight reel. The X factor in this game will be Bobby Taylor. If he is able to play and can keep his offense running they could come away with a solid victory. I pick CT because I just know more about them. 

Conspiracy Theory 20, 704 Outlaws 13


Field 2: County Boys vs Still Got It

 This is where most teams will be wrapping up the day, especially after 3 previous games. Not the county Boys! They have two more after this! The question will be, do they have enough in the gas tank to get them through the rest of the day. Still Got It has shown a lot of fight in their first 4 games, but the scheme change from the usual 7 man they are used to has them a step behind. If they can get something rolling I could see an upset. But, I don’t. 

County Boys 23, Still Got It 12



Field 1:Triad Eagles vs Chargers

This game will be one I take interest in. Both teams will be looking for their first win of the year and I think this game could give us a few surprises. Both teams have strong defenders in Bobby Anthony and and Carl Milner for the Chargers and Chris Robinson and Terence Oates for the Eagles. While I think this will be a lower scoring game, I’m going to give it to the Chargers to pull out one big play!

Chargers 8, Triad Eagles 6


Field 2: Conspiracy Theory vs Carolina Fire

 This could be a trap game for Conspiracy Theory. If they think they can take it easy and get to their last game this would not be the game to lay down for. Now that Sam has someone who can block for him, Fire has become a team to watch out for!

Conspiracy Theory 14, Carolina Fire 13



Field 1:Triad Eagles vs County Boys

This will be a game of what team has more left in the gas tank. This is also a must win for the County Boys if they want to make it to play on March 7th. For the Eagles, I look for captain Andrew Tuttle to rally his guys and look to get over the jump of winning big games. Look for them to put up a big fight, but I think the County Boys pull out a last second play to win the game.

County Boys 16, Triad Eagles 14


Field 2: Smokin’ Bandits vs Still Got It

 Still Got It is lookin to get going and I think if the Bandits aren’t careful, this could be the game they show that they do still have it. Richard Penn and Wayne White both seem to carry the majority of the workload for SGI, so if they can get another piece to step up, I think they can turn it into something. X factor for the Bandits is going to be Brad Rooney. Usually the “2QB” he can play anywhere. We haven’t seen him play in a bit so there could be some rust, but if he goes off, it’ll be a long day for Still Got It. I shouldn’t given last weeks record, but I’m going with the upset here!

Still Got It 16, Smokin’ Bandits 12



Field 1: 704 Outlaws vs Chargers

The final game of the day for both teams, I’ll be curious to see who has more in the tank at the end of the day. While 704 has a deep roster, I’m not sure how many travel with them, so this could be a gas tank game. The Charger only showed up with 7 last week and were pretty tired after two games. Maybe they come back a little deeper and have more in the tank? This will be a good test for them. But I pick the slightly more seasoned team. 

704 Outlaws 23, Chargers 16


Field 2: County Boys vs Conspiracy Theory

To wrap up field 2, County Boys get a chance at evening their record out for the day and a stab at Conspiracy Theory. Frankly, I haven’t seen a team play 6 games in one day so this is uncharted territory for me. Part of me thinks they will run out of gas somewhere between games 4 and 5. The other part of me looks at the fact that Richmond County puts out guys made for adversity. I’m going to toss a coin on this games, mainly because Conspiracy Theory will be on game 4 as well so both teams could be pretty tired. It’s Heads. CT wins.

Conspiracy Theory 13, County Boys 12

Don’t like my picks?? PROVE ME WRONG! I give props where props are due! Camel Jim out!

Please note Camel Jim is a fictional character created to warm the hearts and souls of Camel City Flag Football