Week 3 Picks

I picked as many games wrong as Jameis Winston had interceptions this past week! (6, forfeits don’t count) So now that Devin’s eyebrows are safe it’s time for me to just mash the gas and light some of y’all up with these picks. I won’t miss again!


Camel Jim’s Record: 14-7.


9:00 – Carolina Fire vs Conspiracy Theory

For the first time this season we’ll be seeing Conspiracy Theory and with them comes a new Quarterback at the helm. Patrick Midkiff is up there for the 2019 Camel City Hall of Fame with being offensive league MVP 3 times in 4 seasons, but how will he gel with his new team? Carolina Fire is making strides to be a team worth reckoning with, however I think QB Richard Miller will have his plate overflowing with rusher Jeff Cole.

Conspiracy Theory 19, Carolina Fire 7


9:35 – Thundercats vs Conspiracy Theory

Conspiracy Theory coming off of a solid victory will have momentum on their side, but will it be enough for our reigning Summer and #HEATWAVEHAVOC champions? Captain Matrix Johnson is without some of his usual guys so seeing how this offense runs should be interesting. My gut says CT can squeak one out here, but my brain knows better! Thundercats 24, Conspiracy Theory 16


10:10 – Thundercats vs Becks Plus One

This game could be one for the ages! Both teams have won multiple national titles and up until recently I didn’t know that the record between the two is tied at 2-2. Also hearing rumor that Becks is sending up a skeleton crew to play Sunday makes me instantly side with Thundercats.

Thundercats 24, Becks Plus One 12


10:45 – Becks Plus One vs Carolina Fire

This could very well be a trap game. If Becks shows up with a skeleton crew and Carolina Fire can capitalize, they could shock the world with an upset. My thought though, is whoever wears a Becks jersey usually is pretty dang talented and won’t be a pushover. With that, Becks gets their first win.

Becks 19, Carolina Fire 6


11:20 – County Boyz vs Conspiracy Theory

The County Boyz came up and got wet for a couple of games last week, and showed that they have an extremely tough defense, only giving up 1 touchdown between their two games. Conspiracy Theory is another team with a tough defense, so I expect this game to be low scoring. I look at captain Laron Ellerbe for the County Boyz to be the X Factor. If he gets in a rhythm, they win. If not, and De Dow is able to have a big game, it will Conspiracy Theory with the win.

County Boyz 13, Conspiracy Theory 10


11:55 – No Sympathy vs Conspiracy Theory

So rumor has it the No Sympathy beat Conspiracy Theory at the topgun tournament a couple weeks ago..... Facebook didn’t erupt like it normally does, and Jakob didn’t say one way or another so I’m going off of here say. I think this is a critical game for No Sympathy. A win here turns their season around, but a loss... ah it’s too early in their season still! Will Conspiracy Theory lose two games in a row? Short Answer. No.

Conspiracy Theory 21, No Sympathy 12


12:30 – Thundercats vs County Boyz

This is another heavy weight matchup that could carry some weight going into positioning of the playoffs. The matchup im most interested in here will be between Wr Ross Tillman and DB Max Kilpatrick. Two experienced players and I think whoever has the better day, wins this game. My money goes on Max coming away the victor.

Thundercats 26, County Boyz 16


1:05 – Killshot vs No Sympathy

Killshot has easily become one of the most interesting teams to watch. Their roster has by far the most diverse team as far as experience goes, and Aaron Bolton brings a different dynamic to Camel City. No Sympathy will be looking for a statement game, but I’m not sure this will be it. Antonio Rubel has great receiving core around him, but can he consistently feed them the ball? This game... my answer is no.

Killshot 23, No Sympathy 12


1:40 – County Boyz vs Triad Eagles

After the Triad Eagles 1-1 performance last week, I have a suspicion this will be a trend. The County Boyz will be looking for a victory after a tough loss and I think this is where they could get it. Tim Patrick for the Triad Eagles showed he’s got the grit to be the Eagles QB, but Stanley Smith is a top tier rusher. How these two play I think will control the outcome of the game. Lock me in for the boys of Rockingham taking this one.

County Boyz 25, Triad Eagles 17

2:15 – Thundercats vs No Sympathy

This could very well be a trap game for the Thundercats. Both times last season that they came to their 4th game of the day.... They lost. It just so happens that the only thing that has changed since that last time was a team name in No Sympathy (formally AADT). This should make for an interesting game, given both teams will have some rest time, so fatigue shouldn’t be a major factor. I think both teams took lessons away from their last meeting and because of that I think the Thundercats come away winners.

Thundercats 18, No Sympathy 8

2:50 – Killshot vs County Boyz
Last game of the day for both teams brings a tough matchup. Both teams at this point in the day will be stretched and I think raw athleticism will be what determines the winner here. Looking at these teams, that gives the edge to the County Boyz.
County Boyz 18, Killshot 8

3:25 – Spare Parts vs Triad Eagles
Spare Parts is a team I’ve enjoyed watching from afar. They remind me of what a team learning the game looks like again. I’m thinking this is the game they get their first score. I also think this is where the Triad Eagles work on gelling on all levels.
Triad Eagles 21, Spare Parts 8

4:00 – Spare Parts vs No Sympathy
Spare Parts should have some momentum coming into this game and I wouldn’t be shocked if we see a flash with them scoring if they get the ball first. Captain Matthew Russell is beginning to figure out how this style works and on the back half of the season I suspect he’ll begin to move the ball better. No Sympathy I look for Darius Dawkins to have a big game. He is Rubel’s primary target so I see him still getting the majority of the touches.
No Sympathy 26, Spare Parts 12

Don’t like my picks?? PROVE ME WRONG! I give props where props are due! Camel Jim out!

*please note Camel Jim is a fictional character created to warm the hearts and souls of Camel City Flag football*