Week 3 Picks

2020 has not been kind to me. I think I know what to expect from a team and what do they do? Totally crap the bed! With the only team to be locked into the Playoffs being No Sympathy, I congratulate just them. This week Now that I have seen every team play, I will be PERFECT to finish the season out!


Camel Jim’s record: 20-14



Field 1: Triad Eagles vs Smokin’ Bandits

To start the day off we have a couple of veteran teams to camel city squaring off. The difference is one roster has added some serious weapons. The Eagles are in great shape to soar into the playoffs, and with Michael Shirley at the helm, I wouldn’t be surprised if he ends up In the top 3 for passing TDS. On the opposite side of the ball, rusher JT Tuttle is leading the league in sacks by a mile! Will he continue to build up these stats? Not if Shirley is hurling the rock.

Triad Eagles 24, Smokin Bandits 12


Field 2: Carolina Fire vs SnypaGang

 Both of these teams have a long road and need a lot to happen for one of them to make the playoffs, and winning this game is the start. Carolina Fire is suffering with the absence of captain Richard Miller, so this game should be pretty simple to pick. As long as SnypaGang has Lovie Rose there, they win.

SnypaGang 20, Carolina Fire 6



Field 1: Quality Control vs Chargers

The Chargers have spent this season figuring out the 5 man game, and this week will be a solid test to gauge where they go from here. Their last game during week 2 they switched QBs and started to have some momentum. Quality Control has just played 4 games as a team, but look like they’ve been playing together for years. While I feel confident in Quality Control winning, I look for the Chargers to put up a strong fight.

Quality Control 19, Chargers 8


Field 2: SnypaGang vs Triad Eagles

 This could be a trap game for the Eagles. What will hold them back is the consistency of their team. What will put them down will be SnypaGang’s QB Mike Weaver. If the Eagles can’t stop him, they’re as good as done. If they can keep him in check and Andrew Tuttle can keep being the vacuum he was last week, they’ll win. Somehow I think this will be one of the Eagles losses today.

SnypaGang 13, Triad Eagles 10



Field 1: Chargers vs AthElites

The Chargers have a doubleheader of juggernauts in opponents this weekend. The AthElites will be looking to remain the only undefeated team in the league and they won’t take this game lightly to get there. QB Garrett Suphen is among the leaders for Passing, and will look to remain there. I’m curious who Captain Landon Ward will draw for a matchup on both sides of the ball. This won’t be a shutout, but look for the AthElites to get the day started with a bang!

AthElites 24, Chargers 10


Field 2: Smokin’ Bandits vs Quality Control This has the potential to be game of the week, but also has the same potential to get ugly quick. 3 time Offensive MVP Patrick Midkiff has been relatively quiet through his first 4 games, posting average numbers in the stat column. The one stat he does have going for him is his team is 3-1 headed into Saturday. Quality Control will lean on athletes Larry Canady and Daniel Jay to keep them moving, with a big matchup in the trenches with Kevin McDonald blocking (and scoring) big time. This game I think Midkiff comes out hot, so I’ll leave it to the coin. It’s tails, Quality Control wins.

Quality Control 19, Smokin Bandits 18



Field 1: Infinity vs Triad Eagles

I’m actually excited to see how this game evolves. Both teams have a couple of core members who have faced off for a couple of years now, but both have also added talent that is putting them in the pack of everyone. If my predictions are right, (which they should be) the Eagles will be 1-1 and hungry to get back positive for the day. The X factor I look for is going to be Infinity’s QB Brandon Rawe. He’s been seen on social media this past week completing passes behind his back, but can he complete some passes to top target WR Isaac Tilghman? If they can link up with Tilghman having Qing Black covering him I think Infinity comes out on top. Force Infinity out of their element and the Eagles will soar on.    My gut goes with Infinity.

Infinity 25, Triad Eagles 16


Field 2: SnypaGang vs 704 Outlaws

 704 has made the statement that they haven’t come this far to lose, well, they showed me it is true for the most part! Matt Miller has a squad of guys with that kind of heart that he has brought to Camel City. SnypaGang will be 2-0 thus far if my picks are correct and will need to continue the trend if they think they’ll make the playoffs. This is where I think they hit the snag. Defensively, 704 has been tough, and I don’t think SnypaGang can get enough points on the board to balance out for a victory.

704 Outlaws 22, SnypaGang 15



Field 1: Still Got it vs SnypaGang

To end out the day for SnypaGang, we have them playing the winless Still Got It. Still Got It will be looking for their first victory, but their first hurdle to jump will be having enough players show up to play! While mathematically eliminated from the playoffs, they should use this game to get the necessary reps to build into next season! SnypaGang comes away with the victory here, and but they’re going to need some help to get to come back and play on March 7th.

SnypaGang 19, Still Got It 7


Field 2: 704 Outlaws vs Triad Eagles

I see this being a potential playoff matchup and this game having heavy implications as to who has a easier road on March 7th. This game is going to come down to who can make more 3rd down stops, and I think the “X” Factor for that is going to be rusher Brandon Crosby. If he can get his sack stats up in this game the Eagles are going to be in trouble. The Outlaws have a very strategic offense, so I think the Eagles are going to need to put points up every possession. The Outlaws come away with this one, but it is going to be very close!

704 Outlaws 24, Triad Eagles 22  



Field 1: Smokin’ Bandits vs AthElites

The Bandits need a test to see what level they can really play at. Quiz time! The AthElites I hear are having a couple of roster moves being made that will put them in a play to be very dangerous. I think the AthElites will come away victorious in this game, with one of the leading reasons being simply put the Bandits don’t have the depth to keep up.

AthElites 23, Smokin Bandits 12


Field 2: Quality Control vs Infinity  

This game is another that has game of the week written on it. Dom Willis is going to look to end his debut season as a full time QB on a high note and this game will be on be of the final tests before the playoffs. This is a must win if Infinity wants to be in the playoffs and right now I’m not sure this game they walk away victorious. The X factor for Infinity is going to be Mike Crowe in this game. Get him the rock and let him work or watch the whole squad get worked! My gut tells me Quality Control comes out with a win here, but if I have to be wrong about a game, this is the one I’d be okay with missing.

Quality Control 19, Infinity 12



Field 1: Infinity vs 704 Outlaws

Infinity hot off of a tough loss will be doing everything to get back on track. 704 will be coming off of a break, but I’m excited to see this matchup. Isaac Tilghman vs Devin Bennett and Bebe McNeill vs TJ Simmons. I’m also excited to see who gets more pressure on the opposing QB between Dallas Steelman and Brandon Crosby. My gut says Steelman will be a little more fired up and get the game winning sack.

Infinity 19, 704 Outlaws 13


Field 2: AthElites vs County Boys  

The County Boys will be coming up for their final two games of the season and they simply can not lose if they want to make it to next weekend. The AthElites have made it extremely tough to pick against them, and frankly not knowing who all Laron Ellerbe is going to show up with makes me pick the AthElites to walk away with this one.

AthElites 19, County Boys 12


Field 1: Smokin’ Bandits vs Infinity

The last couple of times this matchup has happened, I’ve been told TJ Simmons says he has Patrick Midkiff’s number. However, the last couple of matchups (with the exception of nationals) Midkiff has came away victorious. With both needing a win here I don’t think either will be the ones to bring their team victory. I’m curious to see the matchup between Greg McIntire and Gerin Honeycutt. Both physical players that will want to be the impact. The one who has the better game walks away with the winning team. My quarter says that Gerin gets the edge.

Smokin Bandits 23, Infinity 19


Field 2: 704 Outlaws vs Carolina Fire

 Whoever scheduled this game for Carolina Fire clearly wasn’t thinking... These guys are going to have enough time to play, go get lunch, take a shower, game plan and then come back to play. The Outlaws having a full day of playing will be winding down so I’m actually not quite sure which way to go here. I think the roster depth of 704 will prevail, but I can’t say that Sam Miller won’t have something for these guys! I’m going with the Outlaws, but not for a lack of effort in the Fire.

704 Outlaws 17, Carolina Fire 9



Field 1: Still Got It vs AthElites

The AthElites are going to be looking to end the season perfect and I’m not sure that if they are 7-0 when they get to this game that they don’t finish perfect. Look for Wayne White and Richard Penn to put up a fight to keep that from happening, but I just don’t see them being enough.

AthElites 26, Still Got It 12


Field 2: Quality Control vs County Boys

The County Boys played 5 games last week (took a victory forfeit) and on their 5th game they won. Quality Control have only lost to the AthElites and they’re going to want to finish with the number 2 seed for the playoffs. The County Boys will be fighting to keep themselves at .500 and again, not knowing if Ellerbe is going to have 6 guys or 13 guys makes me lean towards Quality Control.

Quality Control 19, County Boys 7

Don’t like my picks?? PROVE ME WRONG! I give props where props are due! Camel Jim out!

*Please note Camel Jim is a fictional character created to warm the hearts and souls of Camel City Flag Football*