Week 4 Picks

Alright, alright. I have to consider myself lucky. Going 8-3 on the day is pretty good. And considering the competition level, every blind squirrel finds a nut SOMETIMES! Anywho, into your final weeks worth of picks!


Camel Jim’s Record: 21-10


10:00 – Carolina Fire vs Thundercats

Carolina Fire made it known that they think they deserve some more respect. Granted, against a Conspiracy Theory that had some players out of position, they almost won with just three guys. That does earn respect. However, I don’t believe it will be earn them a victory here. The Thundercats have been playing together probably as long as the captain of Carolina Fire Sam Miller has been playing.

Thundercats 24, Carolina Fire 15

10:35 – Carolina Fire vs Savages

The Savages will be playing their second game of the day, and I still believe it depends on who DJ Mathews has coming up. While Dallas Steelman and Mike Crowe can get some guys to hold it down, without a full team I’m not sure what to expect. Carolina Fire will also need their full roster here if they expect to win. My gut says the Savages make the full road trip.

Savages 19, Carolina Fire 13


11:10- Killshot vs Triad Eagles This game carries a lot of weight given that the Triad Eagles are only a half game back on Killshot in the standings. Both teams will be looking to finish strong, but I feel like Killshot will have a little more momentum giving the fact that they will be coming off of a victory to State Property.

Killshot 23, Triad Eagles 15


11:45 – Thundercats vs Triad Eagles The last time these two teams matched up, these two teams were tied at 7 going into halftime. Do I think that will be the case again? The way the Eagles have been playing it is a possibility, but I do see the veterans of the Thundercats being able to pull away when they need to.

Thundercats 17, Triad Eagles 9


12:20 – Thundercats vs West Fo. Boys The West Fo Boys had a week off, and in that week should have gotten together a decent strategy of how to finish out the season. The TCats will be on their final game of the season and looking to finished unbeaten. I smell trouble. I think what will help them is not having much of a break, so as long as momentum is on their side they should be okay. QB Monte Fulton will have his hands full, but even in games against teams of this caliber, I’ve seen him find the end zone. Look out for Ath. Ric Thompson to try and have a big game! Thundercats 27, West Fo Boys 12


12:55 –No Sympathy vs State Property Both teams will be looking for their first win of the day, but I’m not quite sure who will walk away with it here. No Sympathy, like mentioned before has a habit of playing to their opponent. State Property though, is a tough opponent. I think the “X Factor” in this game will be Ath. Sharif Nash. If captain Doche Mercer can keep Nash contained and give Quarterback Antonio Rubel plenty of opportunities to sling the ball to one of his receivers, No Sympathy could squeak out a win. Otherwise, I think State Property is going to walk away with a solid victory.

State Property 23, No Sympathy 13


1:30 – World Peace vs Triad Eagles World Peace will be playing their first game after their bye week and I look for them to try and go unbeaten on the day to wrap up their season. Tim Patrick and Jon McCain for the Triad Eagles might have other things to say about that. Both players have been critical for the Eagles and watching their chemistry this season has been a spectacle. I look for the Eagles to hold close, but given that QB Fonz Willis can score at the snap of his fingers, I think World Peace will pull away with this one.

World Peace 22, Triad Eagles 8


2:05- County Boyz vs World Peace

The County Boyz will be making a 2 hour drive for just 1 game unfortunately. My bet is they send a skeleton crew to play which opens the door for a World Peace team that already has momentum to come away victorious. Something to watch is who takes the snaps for the County Boyz as both Laron Ellerbe and Kaleb Douglas have both performed for this team.

World Peace 23, County Boyz 8


2:40 – West Fo. Boys vs State Property

State Property is going to be looking to be .500 for the day, and as long as they don’t have a meltdown I don’t see that being a problem. The West Fo Boys have been growing each game and this could be a fairly competitive game for them. Kedlin Hundley could see a heavy work load from center and I look for Jonathan Burns to be heavily involved for State Property. I think this will be a one possession game, but I think State Property will walk way with the victory.

State Property 19, West Fo Boys 12

3:15 –Conspiracy Theory vs World Peace

The last game of the season and it is a heavy weight matchup! This game I think comes down to one simple thing. Who plays better defense. Both teams are proven on the offensive side of the ball, but the X factor here is which defensive unit can get a couple of key stops. To finish out the season I go to the almighty coin. It’s Heads.


CT wins.
Conspiracy Theory 13, World Peace 12

Field 2:
10:00 – Savages vs No Sympathy
No Sympathy has a habit of playing to their opponent this season. Dropping a game to Carolina Fire week 1, and then coming out and then competing with the Thundercats and beating Killshot, they are my biggest question mark! The Savages are also another big questi see on mark to me as well, given they had to use fill in players week 2 to bring their team to .500 on the day. If DJ Mathews brings the whole squad I won’t be surprised if they take Camel City to another level.
Savages 19, No Sympathy 14

10:35 – State Property vs Killshot
Killshot took a tough week 4 draw playing both the 5 andthe 7 seeds in the standings this week. State Property will have their hands full with a full day of football. This is my upset game, and for one reason. Aaron Belton. When that man gets in a rhythm, he is extremely tough to beat. State Property will keep it close, but I see this game going down to the wire and Killshot squeaking out the victory.
Killshot 19, State Property 18

11:10- Thundercats vs State Property
State Property will be coming off of a close and tough loss, but I don’t look for them to be stuck on that. While I can’t pick against the Thundercats who have yet to lose a game in Camel City since the Summer League playoffs, this will be another close one. Wouldn’t be shocked if this game goes to OT.
Thundercats 25, State Property 23

11:45 – Conspiracy Theory vs Savages
This has become a rivalry game in 2019 with these two teams playing in the same division at multiple tournaments. Both teams have shown up to Camel City with skeleton crews to get through the season, and I think this game will boil down to who has more key players. Gonna toss a coin on the first game of the day... already. It’s tails, Conspiracy Theory wins.
Conspiracy Theory 14, Savages 8

12:20 –Conspiracy Theory vs Spare Parts
If I’ve ever deserved an award for calling a game it was last weeks game against the Triad Eagles. Spare Parts not only walked the ball down the field on their first drive, but they did so with CONFIDENCE. The rest of the game, they were out done due to the Eagles having some good athletes. I feel like this game could be another one for Spare Parts to keep building with and get on the board. I also see the likes of Jeff Cole and Patrick Midkiff padding a couple of stats. Having a forfeit will hurt their MVP run, but a good game here might in fact help them.
Conspiracy Theory 25, Spare Parts 7

Don’t like my picks?? PROVE ME WRONG! I give props where props are due! Camel Jim out!

*please note Camel Jim is a fictional character created to warm the hearts and souls of Camel City Flag football*