Weekly/Season Awards

Weekly/Season Awards

Each week a player of the week will be recognized on the offensive and defensive side of the ball! 

At the end of each season there will be an:
Offensive MVP
Defensive MVP

Iron Man (All Purpose Player of the Year)
QB of the Year
WR of the Year

Blocker of the Year
DB of the Year 
Rusher of the Year 
Captain of the Year
Sportsmanship Award

Offensive MVP

-Garrett Sutphin (AthElites) 23 passing tds 3 ints 2 rushing tds


-Matrix Johnson (Thundercats) 19 passing tds 4 ints


-Patrick Midkiff (Conspiracy Theory) 18 passing tds 1 Int 3 rushing tds, 1 rec


-Termaine Springfield (Conspiracy Theory) 29rec 9rec TD


-Dom Willis (Thundercats) 3 passing TDS 1 Int 25 Rec 7 RecTD

Defensive MVP

-Jon McCain (Triad Eagles) 20 Flag Pulls, 2 INT 1 Pick 6


-Charles Royster (State Property) 21 Flag Pulls, 3 Sacks, 1 safety


-Joel Oglesby (No Sympathy) 5 Flag Pulls, 5 sacks 2 safeties


-Daniel Jay (AthElites) 15 Flag Pulls, 3 Int, 1 Pick 6, 1 Sack


-Max Kilpatrick (Thundercats) 13 Flag Pulls, 1 Int, 5 Sacks 1 Safety

** Captains and Camel City Staff will vote on MVP Awards at conclusion of season. Winner of MVP automatically wins their position award.**

Top Flight/QB of the Year

-Garrett Sutphin (AthElites) 23 passing TDs, 3 INT, 2 Rushing TD


-Matrix Johnson (Thundercats) 19 Passing TD 4 INT


-Patrick Midkiff (Conspiracy Theory) 18 Passing TD, 1 INT, 3 Rushing TD


-Fonz Willis (World Peace) 16 passing TD, 2 INT, 3 lateral TD


-Dallas Steelman (Savages) 13 Passing TDs, 0 INT, 2 Rushing TD

Sticky Fingers Award/WR of the Year

-Termaine Springfield (Conspiracy Theory) 29 Rec 9 Rec TD


-Dom Willis (Thundercats) 25 Rec 7 Rec TD


-Robert Miller (Carolina Fire) 24 Rec 2 Rec TD


-Michael Kee (AthElites) 20 Rec 8 Rec TD

Pancake Award/ Blocker of the Year

Jared “BULL” Washington (AthElites)

Curtis Jackson (State Property)


Zach Bell (No Sympathy)

Ballhawk Award/Defensive Back of the Year

-Daniel Jay (AthElites) 15 Flag Pulls, 3 Int, 1 Pick 6


-Marcell Johnson (State Property) 6 flag pulls, 3 INT, 1 Pick 6


-Aaron Thompson (World Peace) 2 flag pulls, 3 INT


-Lay Johnson (AthElites) 8 flag pulls, 2 INT, 2 pick sixes


-Jon McCain (Triad Eagles) 20 flag pulls, 2 INTs, 1 Pick 6

Showstopper Award/Rusher of the Year

-Joel Oglesby (No Sympathy) 5 flag pulls, 5 sacks, 2 safeties


-Max Kilpatrick (Thundercats) 13 flag pulls, 5 sacks, 1 safety


-Olajdie Pullen (AthElites) 7 flag pulls, 4 sacks


-Charles Royster (State Property) 21 flag pulls 3 sacks, 1 safety

Iron Man Award

All Purpose Player of the Year

-Marty Johnson (Thundercats) 17 Rec, 8 Rec TD, 13 Flag Pulls, 2 INT, 1 Pick 6


-Jermey Wanichko (Killshot) 3 passing TDs, 1 INT, 4 Rec, 3 Rec TD, 18 Flag Pulls, 1 Sack


-Dallas Steelman (Savages) 13 Passing TDs, 0 INT, 2 Rec, 2 Rushing TD, 5 Flag Pulls, 2 INT, 1 Def TD, 1 Sack


-Olajdie Pullen (AthElites) 10 Rec, 3 Rec TD, 7 Flag Pulls, 1 Int, 1 pick 6, 4 sacks


-Tim Patrick (Triad Eagles) 8 Passing TDs, 7 INT, 6 rushing TDs, 3 flag pulls, 1 INT, 1 Sack

Captain of the Year

Mr. Camel City

Charles Royster (State Property)


Jermey Wanichko (Killshot)


Matthew Russell (Spare Parts)

Awarded to the individual that best represents the values of Camel City Flag Football

Mike Crowe (Savages)


Lonnie Price (Spare Parts)


Mike James (World Peace)

**Please note all awards finalists are in no particular order.**