Why Travel?

I began writing this with the intention of trying to persuade teams into coming up to Richmond for the East Coast Nationals on July 11th and 12th. The further I got into my research and crunching the numbers the more I realized, we need teams to travel out of town more in general! Take a moment to read this with an open mind and please understand that A: this article is meant for all the teams in the Carolina’s and B: not a knock on ANY other organization. This is strictly based on the time of the FFWCT’s 2020 World Championships. 

I began my research by starting with the “10000 foot view” and looking at the overall team count.  This past years World Championships had 612 teams enter among 30 divisions. Of those divisions The Carolina’s (and ATA Warriors, they play in almost everything NC puts on) we had 62 teams enter throughout the tournament. That’s slightly over 10% of the tournament.  Given teams from almost every state and a couple of other countries were there, that’s a pretty solid number! Now, here is where things get interesting. Of those 62 teams, 27 teams of those teams made it to championship Sunday, making up 8% of the field. A little less than half (43%) of the teams that made the trip down from the Carolina’s. Again, that’s a decent number. Of those 27 teams, ONLY 3 (4% of the total) (2 from the same team, Becks) came back home with a World Championship. Granted, a couple divisions didn’t get to play, but these are the results we are left with.

Numbers can seem kind of skewed, especially since we didn’t have teams in every format that was offered. The Carolina’s had at least one team represent in: 4 man Pro, Comp, Rec, & Over 35, 5 man Non Contact Pro, Comp, Rec, Over 35, Womens, Coed Pro, & Comp, 5 man Contact Pro, Comp, Rec, Over 35, 7 man Pro, Comp, Rec, Womens, 8 Coed Pro & Comp, 8 man Pro & Comp, and 8 Womens Pro & Comp.  That leaves out 7 man Over 35, 8 man Contact Rec & Over 35, and all of 9 man.  As a state by the entries provided our biggest formats were 5 man Contact with 18 entries over 4 divisions and 5 man Non Contact with 17 entries over 7 divisions. Those two styles make up 56% of the teams that went down to World’s and of those two styles, they made up 32% of the teams that made it to Sunday.  Two of the three Champions were in these divisions with Becks Plus One winning 5 man Pro and Queen City Bulls winning the Over 35 division.

The more you dig in, the more you can see one constant fact. The Flag Football world is passing the Carolina’s by and not even sending as much as a post card. There used to be a time where teams from all over the country would travel here to play, and occasionally it does happen, but now teams group up elsewhere and are able to get the competitive work in without coming here. I know my opinion here is just a regurgitation by some, and others feel they are good enough that they don’t need the work, but I do truly believe that we won’t be the powerhouse state(s) we were until we get on the road and get different looks at the different ways to play! Now, for my small plug, use this to get your team motivated and excited to come play in the East Coast Nationals!